Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have you tried Shellac....This stuff is Great!

I NEVER wear polish, I always end up smudging it, and if I don't smudge it I am chipping, breaking, picking at it. You see I am hard on my hands/nails from being in water all the time, pulling weeds, or my current activity of texturing walls with joint compound (EXTREMELY DRYING to your hands), I just don't take the time to pamper them. So when I was asked to try the Shellac polish, I was ready to take it on and hate it.... ( I had the gel polish off in less then 24 hours!). I want my nails to look good, I just don't want to spend a lot of time on them, and let me say this polish is AMAZING!!!! it lasted a full 2 weeks, without a chip and it still looked like a fresh manicure super shiny no peeling, completely surpassed my expectations! If you want a polish that is going to last, this stuff can't be beat!!

Here is what the manufacture has to say:

Delivering the goods.
Credibility makes all the difference.

Better science makes better products. The patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers is why Shellac™ goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. Plus it's hypo-allergenic and 3-FREE... containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

Shellac—stands miles apart from others in the market with the science and testing to back it up. Nail Professionals that participated in more than 4 years of controlled, blind testing said unanimously—there’s no comparison—not even close!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Warnings on the Brazilian Blowout??

So we have had a lot of request for “Brazilian Blowout/ Keratin treatment” and while we have been offering this service for the past two years, there is a lot of Buzz going on right now that OSHA has found formaldehydes (a possible carcinogen) in many of the products. What do you as the consumer need to know? The companies promoting these products continue to say no formaldehyde in their system, while products tested by OSHA have shown they contain 8-10% of formaldehyde. So what does this mean to you? I think each person will need to seek the truth for themselves. For the stylist that works with the product daily, the obvious is the exposure which can cause eye stinging, or burning, difficulty breathing, and in some cases possible nosebleeds. So mask, gloves are so important if you are a stylist. For the consumer… when you must weigh the benefits versus risk, consumers are not putting their hands in the product on a daily basis. Here is a link to a report done by GMA, so be informed and make your own decision.
We offer both of the systems shown here.