Thursday, June 21, 2012

I just got back from the Las Vegas IBS convention! The show was huge and kind of over whelming at first. There was so much to see! The three days were just enough time to see everything. What I took away from the classes the most was the perfect gel manicure class! She showed us 3 different ways to do a gel manicure for specific clients needs. The first manicure she talked about was a 30 day manicure. It is for clients that want the artificial nail feel without the added length. It also gives extra strength for nail biters, brittle, and flaking nails. The procedure for this manicure is simple. Prep and etch nails lightly Apply dehydrator Apply bonder gel and cure Apply natural clear building gel very thin to the entire nail bed and cure (cleanse and file if needed) Apply 2 coats of gel polish and cure between coats Apply top coat and cure Remove tacky layer and file free edge and sides Oil cuticles and massage To remove in 2-4 weeks, file off gel polish. Push back cuticles and remove lifting of the natural clear gel. Fill the back of the nail with the clear gel. And repeat steps 5-8. The second gel manicure she talked about was an options manicure. This manicure is for clients that have weak, dry, flaky nails. The soak off time for this manicure is a little longer than a shellac soak off. File off top coat, then soak nails in acetone for 20 minutes. The procedure for this manicure is similar to the 30 day manicure. Prep and buff nails Apply dehydrator Apply options bonder gel and cure Apply thin coat of options clear gel over entire nail bed and cure ( cleanse and file if needed) Brush on potted options colors and cure (2 coats) Top coat and cure Remove tacky layer and file free edge and sides. Oil cuticles and massage I love the 2 new service I found out about and can offer to my clients as an alternative for their nail needs. Another class I went to was a class about nail art.You can use any gel product or even regular polish on some designs. I learned a easy flower design, a color fade, glitter fade, another type of flower, and a color combo. They are all pretty easy with some practice. Im going to put the designs on a pallet so if you would like to see just come and ask me and I will show you! Through out the three day convention I learned some tricks of the trade I can share with you. For starters the industry is going from all about acrylic to everything gel! “ Gel is a protection, not a hardener!” said owner of precision nails and long time educator Jaime Schrabeck. Tips are also a thing of the past. Everyone is free forming there artificial nails. I also learned from several nail techs that acetone used to soak off gel polish every 2 weeks is not the best for your clients skin or nails. The white spots on the nail plate I have been experiencing with my clients is from the acetone. To fix this the client can take a break for a few weeks or I can simply file the gel polish off instead of soaking. Helping the nails become healthy again. I learned so much! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go experience this show! I hope to go again next year and learn even more!