Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Youngblood Opportunity!

Teresa and Emma both had a wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of INTENSE days, with the Northwest Youngblood make-up and education team, at the Salon Services and Supplies training center in Spokane, WA.
Teresa writes: I Love the make-up! I have used it for years, and now I know why I love it! Youngblood is the purist mineral make-up you can buy. It was developed by Pauline Youngblood a paramedical esthetician who worked with plastic surgeons. She wanted to develop a product that was a healthy option for post surgery patients. Youngblood is so pure and clean that it actually protects the health and integrity of skin. It replenishes the natural lipid barrier which we all need, our lipid barrier keeps our skin moisturized which gives us a glowing and youthful look. So Youngblood mineral cosmetics are very simply an extension of your current skin care regimen. Youngblood's mission statement: "Natural, Radiant, You"
Emma writes: I love the benefits of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics! Milled for weightless, adjustable coverage, which creates a healthy natural glow. Contains Titanium Dioxide which is a natural sun protector. Vegan formula, so it is ideal on all skin types and skin conditions. Whether I am trying to create a natural daytime look, or going for a bold evening look Youngblood has me covered! So come in to LeFore's Spa and get your new spring make-up from Teresa or Emma and they will help you acheive a "Natural, Radiant, You!"