Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brocato Education with Mandy!

While I was out on surgery leave for six weeks, Lefore’s Spa gave me a wonderful opportunity to attend a three-day Brocato class in Spokane. I believe the Brocato line has some of the best products out there and I was really excited to learn more about the products and their different uses. The first day of class was so inspiring. Brocato artist, Mike Kowallis, was an amazing speaker and taught us a lot about different cuts and color. One of the cuts he introduced was a maximum layered haircut called the “Large” cut. His way of teaching was so exciting and inspiring and he definitely reassured all of us that we could succeed in recreating this cut and style on our own clients. After the cut, the class was introduced to Brocato hair color which is absolutely phenomenal! I’ve never played with a color that even smells great! The scent is actually quite similar to the Cloud 9 repair line which happens to smell just like it sounds – soft and angelic! He taught us a color technique called “Felt” which is a new way to achieve balayage or ombre with the use of blending more than one hair color and/or bleach depending on what look you’re going for. It is absolutely beautiful and even gives the youth affect back to your hair, looking soft and sun bleached.
The last few days were all about product knowledge. The smell, feel, accuracy, and the blending ability of Brocato products put them on a whole new level. Brocato made their products interchangeable and customizable for every hair type. The products come in a various, delicious scents such as cherry almond and blueberry peppermint just to name a few of my favorites. Another great reason to choose Brocato is all the products are user friendly, meaning they actually do what they say they’re going to do, which makes it easy to choose according to what you want the outcome to be. Overall, the Brocato class was really inspiring and extremely informative. I can’t wait to use my new found product and color knowledge on our wonderful clients! Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions or would like to try our new techniques. My name is Mandy and I would love introduce you to Brocato!