Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nail Team

Teresa Larimore - Nail Specialist, Team Leader. Teresa relocated to Walla Walla From Bend, OR to be near her family. She has lived in Bend most of her life and attended beauty college there. Teresa initially went to beauty school and was trained in hair, nails and aesthetics. After a year of trying to do all three and lots of soul searching, she decided to focus on one thing and try and be the best at it. She chose to focus on the care of hands and feet. Teresa's main focus is pedicures and nails. Now nine years later, She loves what she does and she loves making my clients’ look and feel their best. Teresa offers both acrylic and gel nails. This career choice has been a very rewarding one for her.
Krystin Timentwa - Nail Specialist. Hi my name is Krystin Timentwa and I have been a nail tech since 2010. I’m very passionate about it, I went to school in Ellensburg Wa at Bluestone Academy of Cosmetology. I love getting the opportunity to do nail art, it is really fun. I’m also a new mom as of march 2012, and I have a baby boy named Lonan! I love being at LeFore’s Spa and can’t wait to meet you and do your nails!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet the Hair Team

Shanna Poirot - Stylist Extraordinaire Shanna Poirot has a four year Art degree and German minor from Walla Walla University in College Place, WA. Shanna expanded her art experience to the art of hair and graduated from Northwest Hair Academy in 2002 in Mt. Vernon, WA. Shanna gained valuable experience doing hair at salons in Bellingham and Walla Walla. She currently is enjoying working at LeFore’s Spa as a cosmetologist doing hair.Shanna shapes her clients’ hair by using her artist’s eye and by listening. Shanna particularly enjoys assisting clients in discovering a style that they can identify with.Shanna’s typical haircut service includes a thorough consultation, an invigorating shampoo, a conditioning scalp massage, a haircut, a style lesson and suggestions for hair care. Clients receiving chemical services such as color or straightening receive a complimentary hand massage during the processing time.Shanna enjoys a wide variety of projects at home including spending time with her husband, twin boys, and a younger son, Shanna loves spending time outside walking, biking, or camping.
Nikki Mamoulelis - Stylist Extraordinaire, Team Leader Nikki grew up here in Walla Walla. She attended college in the Napa Valley, and received a bachelors degree in exercise science, Nikki then decided to follow her dream and attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle to become a Cosmetologist. Nikki applied at LeFore's before she finished school, and is happy to be back in Walla Walla. Nikki got married in 2009 and just recently added a sweet little addition to the family and is currently available for appointments part time.
Hannah Mudd - Stylist Extraordinaire Hannah moved to Walla Walla in 2009, after growing up in Richland Washington where she received her education at the Academy of Cosmetology. Hannah really enjoys doing hair, make-up, and nails. Her favorite is hair coloring and cutting, as she knows it can make a difference in how a person feels. In her spare time Hannah enjoys drawing, photography, and being outside as much as possible. Hannah loves what she does and will never stop being passionate about it!
Mandy - Stylist Extraordinaire Mandy went to the Gene Juarez academy in Seattle to attain her hairstylist dreams. Moving from Seattle to Walla Walla recently Mandy says she was a small town girl living in a big city! Mandy has just completed her training to become a Brocato networker... who knows we may see her on a hair stage one of these days. Mandy has a warm and outgoing personality and loves doing hair and meeting new people.
Emma Brueske- Stylist Extraordinaire Emma attended Walla Walla Community College to achieve my degree in hair design. Emma views hair as an art that never gets old. In her free time Emma loves to travel and experience new cultures and foods, she likes to be open minded and try new things, and enjoys sports and outdoor activities.
Gretchen Calahan - Stylist Extraordinaire Gretchen recently graduated from Hair Tech Academy, and has a passion for Cutting and Coloring along with a natural ability that shows through to her clients. Gretchen loves being able to make people feel good about themselves. She is beginning her career by taking the steps to become an Aveda Mentor. In her spare time Gretchen loves spending time with her son, going fishing, and riding her horse.
Sallee Bleth - Stylist Extraordinaire In the Spring of 2011, I graduated from Hair Tech Beauty Academy. There I discovered that assisting clients with their style goals is truly my passion. To further enrich my training, I attended several cutting and styling courses at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California, as well as classes in Aveda, Tigi, and Redken color lines. I was born and raised in the Walla Walla Valley, and plan on calling it home for a long time. I was married in August 2011 and my husband Johnny is the love of my life. God has richly blessed me with a wonderful family, and I love spending time with them. I have wonderful parents, two awesome sisters, a great brother-in-law, and the cutest nephew. I enjoy painting, country music, road trips, cute shoes and a good cup of coffee. Johnny and I have three dogs and one cat. From assisting you in choosing a tasteful and stylish hair cut and color, to carefully bringing the style to reality, my goal is to ensure you have a relaxing spa experience at LeFore’s that leaves you feeling fresh and confident.
Sandy LeFore - Stylist Extraordinaire Sandy brings great experience to our hair team, having attended multiple advanced classes with our industry leaders like: Vidal Sassoon, Gerry Gerard, and Michael O'Rourke, she helps to mentor our new interns. Sandy is a familiar face to many around town. She previously owned two hair salons in Walla Walla and she loves what she does. Sandy has an outgoing personality and loves to socialize! Look for her at chamber events and other social events around town.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2012 Oscars

Every since I was a small child, I have always loved watching this event. Much like the Miss America pageant, for me it was all about how the stars looked. What would they wear, would their hair be up or down or perhaps some way I had never seen before, something new to see and perhaps try myself. I loved seeing how the make-up and jewelry would accent their overall look. This year Some favorite looks: Emma Stone looked like a movie star (think Grace Kelly) with a striking red gown and perfectly coiffured hairstyle.
Michelle Williams looked effortless, yet sophisticated in this demure pixie:
Another stunning look with a beautiful the contrast of green on her golden skin tones, was Viola Davis:
My Favorite look of the evening was the Gold trend. The Oscars remind me of something to look forward to while growing up, the ultimate dress-up event. I think my very favorites where Meryl Streep and Stacy Kiebler. They both looked exquisite. How classy of Meryl to acknowledge her hairdresser and make-up artist.
Now for nitpicks: Gwyneth Paltrow, she looked divine, I would say one of the best dressed of the entire evening, until she turned around and had a bare ponytail!! I mean come on, how can something so obvious be overlooked.
For me the worst look for the Academy Awards had to be Jennifer Lopez, It looked like a tightly pulled ponytail, into a bun on the top of her head. In my opinion it was not flattering. I mean wasn't she voted by people the most beautiful women in the world last year? She is gorgeous, but the hairstyle wasn't.
All in all I enjoyed watching and thinking about how much I enjoyed a look or how I would change it to make it better, at least better in my head :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Guest Services

Eleanor Schroeder - Spa Coordinator, Team Leader. Eleanor graduated from Whitman with a BA in History. Why reception? Because she Loves organizing while enjoying the relaxing peaceful nature of a spa environment. Eleanor is married with a beautiful new puppy, and enjoys spending time camping with her family, reading, and going for long walks.
Alyssa Beyer - Spa Coordinator Alyssa loves art, photography, and bold style. She is a Walla Walla University Alumni and proudly Mrs. Beyer, as well as a mom to two wonderful dogs Bella and Meah. Alyssa's passion for photography began at a young age and has helped her to build the business she has today: Alyssa feels blessed to be a part of the LeFore's Spa team while building her business.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jacob Tucker - Massage Therapist, Team Leader

When I initially started college, I wanted to be a physical therapist. As I studied though, I realized that the aspect of PT that intrigued me the most was the massage. I attended East West College in Portland Oregon, and loved every second of it. Wanting to focus my skills on the therapeutic aspects of massage that attracted me, I have since worked at a hospital and a physical therapy clinic, providing relief to hundreds of patients that normally would not receive massage therapy. I am now excited to bring those same therapeutic goals and skills that I have acquired working in those locations into the relaxing environment that Lefore’s Spa has to offer.

Lis Kubo - Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist Lis hopes to touch not only peoples sore muscles, but their lives as well. Lis hopes to make sure every client receives exactly what they need and wants her guest to feel free to voice if they are expecting anything different from what she is already providing. Her goal is to bring a positive and nurturing attitude to every person she comes into contact with, create an opportunity for understanding their needs, and to meet their needs by achieving the highest level of relaxation and comfort possible. God has blessed her with amazing opportunities and she prays that she continues to serve others to the best of her ability, sharing His love and blessings.
Janey Duskin-Gilmore - Massage Therapist

Janey attended the Bluestone Academy of Massage in 2007, and currently works part time at LeFore's while she is attending WWCC to acheive her nursing degree. Janey also has a young family that keeps her busy in her free time.

Kate Colvin - Massage Therapist

Kate Went to Tri City School of Massage and graduated in April 2011. She have always enjoyed giving back massages to family and friends and decided that she enjoyed it so much that she should learn the art of massage therapy as a profession. It is a very rewarding job to know that you are helping someone feel better.

When Kate is not working at LeFore’s she is also a member of the local roller derby team, The Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls. Kate also enjoy art, music, and spending time with family and friends.